Sheila Ferguson

KenShe Designs is a premium, full service clothing design and garment restructuring firm specializing in: men and women unique designs. Since 2012, the firm has established itself as a staple within the design industry providing new chic designs, clothing alterations and design consultation services. As a multi-discipline firm, KenShe creates unique designs for men and women formal and semi-formal wear, evening attire and casual apparel. KenShe Design has over 20 years of experience designing, re-structuring, altering/tailoring, and styling individuals in various industries. KenShe’s involvement further includes instructional design and project management as it relates to movie sets and wardrobes fittings.

Our firm offers a mentor-protégé program, helping to groom young seamstresses and designers on classical techniques and clothing structure as well as apprenticeship. KenShe’s mentor-protégé program has revitalized the interest amongst the young people in the local area, and takes pride in expanding and offering service to the design industry.

KenShe Design's mission is to provide quality design and alteration services to our customers with a high level of customer satisfaction. KenShe's initiatives include: maintaining customer retention, managing scheduling and always exceeding the needs and expectation of our clients.

Contact: Please phone first, I can be reached at 912.323.1404 or by email: